Custom Orders

Interested in a Euphorie Des Fleurs arrangement, but don’t see the perfect one for you?  Create your own!  We offer nine different colour options for week- or year-long roses which can be set in three different patterns in our classic black or pink suede boxes.  Simply view our 'make your own arrangement' option to begin customizing now, or contact us.  Make your roses as unique as you are.

Specialty Arrangements

When it comes to specialty arrangements the sky is the limit - we customize everything from the roses to the box itself.  Choose any colour, any placement pattern, and any number of roses in our week- or year-long variety.  Make the box your own by changing the box size, or have us inscribe your own personal message on the side.  For any and all special order enquiries please visit our contact us page.  Let us create an arrangement as exquisite as the person you’re giving them to.